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CARTOColors are a set of custom color palettes built on top of well-known standards for color use on maps, with next generation enhancements for the web and CARTO basemaps. Choose from a selection of sequential, diverging, or qualitative schemes for your next CARTO powered visualization.

This repo provides resources to use CARTOColors as a node module inspired by


Availability in other languages


CARTOColors is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

Credits/Additional Information

  • CARTOColors as a node module inspired by
  • In the file cartocolor.js, you will find CARTOColor schemes tagged as sequential, diverging, and qualititative and their unique scheme name.
  • In addition to CARTOColors, cartocolor.js includes ColorBrewer schemes that are available for use in CARTO Builder. You can find those definitions here.
  • CARTOColors includes a color-blind friendly qualitative scheme named Safe we included this scheme based on the research and recommendations of Paul Tol.