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Google Summer of Code 2014 ideas page

(1) PgRouting integration

  • Potential Mentor:

  • Knowledge : PHP, SQL API, leaflet, PostGIS,PgRouting

  • Description: As of now CartoDB only supports ancillary data and overlay of shapefiles. This project adds the support for visualizing the route on the network between two points. The work will basically integrate PgRouting results and display on the map.

  • What you'll learn: Working with PostGIS, Pgrouting, GeoJSON object handling, CartoDB.js. Various routing problems.

(2) Fuzzy visualization on low zoom levels

  • Potential Mentor: strk

  • Knowledge :PHP, SQL API, Leaflets,PostGIS

  • Description: The current views module of CartoDB does not support clustering of the point data at a coarser zoom level, resulting in cluttering on the map. Implementing hierarchical clustering in the views module can make the display better and organized.

Proposal :

  • What you'll learn: Working with SQL API and clustering of spatial data together. Sp-Gist index implementation on Postgres database.

(3) PostGIS Raster integration

  • Potential Mentor:

  • Knowledge :

  • Description:

  • What you'll learn:

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