CARTO Spatial Analysis extension for PostgreSQL
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CARTO Spatial Analysis extension for PostgreSQL.

Code organization

  • doc/ documentation
  • src/ source code
  • pg/ contains the PostgreSQL extension source code
  • py/ Python module source code
  • release reseleased versions


  • PostgreSQL
  • plpythonu and postgis extensions
  • python-scipy system package (see src/py/

Development Process

We distinguish two roles:

  • developers will implement new functionality and bugfixes into the codebase.
  • A release manager will handle the release process.

We use the branch develop as the main integration branch for development. The master is reserved to handle releases.

The process is as follows:

  1. Create a new topic branch from develop for any new feature or bugfix and commit their changes to it:
git fetch && git checkout -b my-cool-feature origin/develop
  1. Code, commit, push, repeat.
  2. Write some tests for your feature or bugfix.
  3. Update the doc.
  4. Create a pull request and mention relevant people for a peer review.
  5. Address the comments and improvements you get from the peer review.
  6. Mention @CartoDB/dataservices in the PR to get it merged into develop.

In order for a pull request to be accepted, the following criteria should be met:

  • The peer review should pass and no major issue should be left unaddressed.
  • CI tests must pass (travis will take care of that).

Development Guidelines

For a detailed description of the development process please see the guide.


The tests (both for SQL and Python) are executed by running, from the top directory:

sudo make install
make test


The release process is described in the guide and is the responsibility of the designated release manager.