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Tile queries data extractor

Python library that process PostgreSQL logs and extract tile data from mapnik queries

Data extracted

  • XYZ
  • Database name
  • Database user
  • Timestamp
  • Duration of the query
  • Tables used or basemap functions called
  • Is a basemap query?
  • Is an update action query?

Proccesed line example

{"tables": ["buildings_zoomed"], "database": "cartodb_user_01df4999-81aa-4135-b460-1e5b8a7f7f79_db", "timestamp": "2017-02-09 08:19:13", "xyz": {"y": 8705.0, "x": 18900.0, "z": 15.0}, "update": false, "user": "cartodb_user_01df4999-81aa-4135-b460-1e5b8a7f7f79", "duration": "0.774", "basemaps": true}

Example of usage


from tile_data_extractor.repositories import FileRepository
from import TileDataExtractionService

repository = FileRepository('/tmp/basemaps_processed.log')
service = TileDataExtractionService(repository)

How to process log files and import them into your database

Now you could use the provided script to generate a CSV file to import into the database:

python file1.log file2.log...fileN.log --output /output/dir --format csv

Here you have a SQL with the table creation script. Once you have the table created you can import the generated CSV into your table using:

COPY tile_data (host, database, username, tables, executed_at, duration, bbox, x, y, z, query, is_update, is_basemaps) FROM '/path/to/file.csv' WITH CSV HEADER;


  • What is the use of the update column?

    We need to register any update, delete or insert queries tables because this queries trigger cache invalidations and we want to take them into account

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