A slightly muted light-on-dark theme for the Sphinx document generator using only CSS.
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A white-on-black theme for the Sphinx documentation generator. It has slightly muted white text on various shades of dark grey. I created this as I find light-on-dark themes typically easier on the eyes, since I tend to use dark backgrounds on my terminals and I don't like flicking between light and dark backgrounds frequently.

It uses a subtle text shadow and rounded corners to improve legibility, but it should also render accpetably on browsers which don't support these CSS features.

The theme should cover most common constructions, but it's possible there are some classes I've missed. It also includes a Pygments theme which I think complements it without being overly bright.

Graphite theme screenshot 1 Graphite theme screenshot 2 Graphite theme screenshot 3 Graphite theme screenshot 4


If you have any questions, problems or requests, please get in touch with me at andy@andy-pearce.com.

If you want to make changes, the themes are available at GitHub - feel free to send me pull requests if you make an improvement you feel others would find useful.


Everything in this repository is in the public domain and may be used, copied, modified and redistributed without restriction. This software is provided as is, there is no warranty implied or otherwise.