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Commits on Apr 6, 2015
  1. Fix #12: Added estimates, due dates, completion

    Cartroo committed Apr 6, 2015
    This commit adds the ability for users to set an estimated duration and
    due date to a task, and also allows a task to be marked as completed.
    The new commands "show pending/completed" allows these stats to be
    viewed. The new command "task <task> estimate/due" allows the estimate
    and due date to be set, and "stop complete" can be used instead of
    regular "stop" to also mark a task as completed.
Commits on May 28, 2013
  1. Fix #10: `delete` can now remove log entries

    Cartroo committed May 28, 2013
    This commit includes changes to allow the `delete` command to remove
    just log entries, and not schema details (i.e. tasks and tags). Diary
    and todo entries associated with the task log entries will also be
    removed. Note that todo entries are associated based on completion time,
    so uncompleted todos will never be deleted unless their associated task
    is deleted.
    This commit also expands the range of dates accepted by the
    `PastCalendarPeriodSubtree` class in datetimeparse so that it accepts
    entries of the form `before <date>` and `after <date>`, where the
    missing start/end date is Jan 1 1970 in the first case and the current
    date in the second.
Commits on Mar 26, 2013
  1. Fix #9: Add time to previous task for `status` cmd

    Cartroo committed Mar 26, 2013
    This commit updates the `status` command to include the time spent on
    the previous command. It also adds some unit tests for the old
    `get_previous_task()` and the new `get_previous_task_and_time()`
Commits on Jan 24, 2013
  1. Fix #2: "show" command now limited to past 4 weeks

    Cartroo committed Jan 24, 2013
    This commit adds a simple constraint to the `show diary` command which
    always limits the output to the preceding 4 weeks (more accurately, 28
    days). To display diary entries over a longer period, the `summary`
    command can be used.
  2. Fix #1: Added warning for long-running tasks

    Cartroo committed Jan 24, 2013
    If the current task has been running for more than 8 consecutive hours,
    ttrack will now display a warning of this fact. The check is performed
    once at startup and again every time a command is entered. The warning
    will only be displayed once for a given task until ttrack is restarted
    or until the task is changed.
Commits on Jan 23, 2013
  1. Fix #8: Added lastseen_time tag

    Cartroo committed Jan 23, 2013
    To cope with cases where the "shutdown" time isn't set properly (e.g. if
    a process is killed hard), this commit adds an additional lastseen_time
    which can be set regularly by a client application while it's running.
    On startup, if the lastseen_time is later than shutdown, the latter is
    replaced with the value fo the former.
Commits on Jan 18, 2013
  1. Merge commit 'ffe4f4c79bca2b10a80f0fb9135e2e24043ff93a' as 'cmdparser…

    Cartroo committed Jan 18, 2013
  2. Squashed 'cmdparser/docs/source/graphitetheme/' content from commit 5…

    Cartroo committed Jan 18, 2013
    git-subtree-dir: cmdparser/docs/source/graphitetheme
    git-subtree-split: 5ec6d2e2e352d1ec589bb01214c7b23e8611865a
Commits on Jan 14, 2013
  1. Updates to fix PyPI issues

    Cartroo committed Jan 14, 2013
    This commit fixes a broken classifier line in `` and also adds
    code to filter `README.rst` to remove any Sphinx-specific directives.
    Currently this only includes `highlight`.
  2. Fix #5: Accept bare days of week in DateSubtree

    Cartroo committed Jan 14, 2013
    This issue fixes a bug where the parse tree for `DateSubtree` would
    accept bare days of the week (e.g. `Wednesday`) but the code to convert
    the text to a `datetime` would raise an exception. The interpretation of
    such a phrase is to assume an implicit `this week` after the weekday.
Commits on Jan 9, 2013
  1. Fix #3: Added Sphinx documentation support

    Cartroo committed Jan 9, 2013
    This commit includes updated docstrings for both and and also Sphinx sources and makefile to generate HTML
    and other documentation. I've also included a custom theme "graphite"
    which is a light-on-dark theme that I find reduces eyestrain.
    As well as documentation changes, this commit also includes a new unit
    test as "named tokens" weren't being tested previously.
Commits on Dec 19, 2012
  1. Updated READMEs and changed website references

    Cartroo committed Dec 19, 2012
    Added sections about installation and added references to the repository
    and issue tracker to the READMEs. Also updated URLs in the to
    point to the GitHub-hosted websites (currently just a mirror of the
    READMEs converted to HTML).
Commits on Dec 18, 2012
  1. Added PyPI classifiers

    Cartroo committed Dec 18, 2012
    Updated files with appropriate PyPI classifiers for both
    packages. Also updated the .gitignore file to skip the by-products of
    building the source distribution.
  2. Make package suitable for distribution

    Cartroo committed Dec 16, 2012
    This commit moves files around into a more organised fashion suitable
    for use with distutils setup scripts, and also adds a few required
    files to allow unit test discovery and to support distutils.
    The repository is now split into two sections as cmdparser is
    potentially useful as a stand-alone library. Perhaps tracklib may be
    one day, but currently it's much more closely tied to ttrack itself.
    Note that all the READMEs are now in restructured text format, and the
    top-level README is simply a link to the ttrack one.
Commits on Dec 13, 2012
  1. Case:5 - Add time aliases, info cmd and "now" time

    Cartroo committed Dec 13, 2012
    Anywhere where a time is accepted in ttrack it should be possible to use
    one of a set of tokens which represent the time at which various events
    occurred. The tokens are only available if defined, but once set they're
    persistent until replaced. The currently available set includes:
      - startup (time ttrack was last started)
      - shutdown (time ttrack was last quit)
      - taskstart (time any task was last started)
      - taskstop (time any task was last stopped)
      - diaryentry (time a diary entry was last entered)
      - todoadded (time a todo was last added to any task)
      - tododone (time any todo was last marked as done)
    To implement these tags a new "info" table has been added to the
    database schema, and I took the opportunity to also add a schema version
    to this table - this will be useful as and when any incompatible changes
    to the schema need to be made. This version should NOT be incremented
    for compatible changes (i.e. if a new table is silently added at
    startup, or a new column with a sensible default value is added).
    In a related change a new "info" command can be used to view the current
    version of ttrack, some summary statistics about the database and a list
    of the available time aliases and their values. This command should be
    updated for any other items added to the "info" database table in the
    Finally, a small change to the datetimeparse module to add "now" as an
    available time of day.
  2. Case:10 - Added bare times to DateTimeSubtree

    Cartroo committed Dec 13, 2012
    The DateTimeSubtree should accept a bare time of day and assume today's
    date for it. This commit adds this by simply making the date phrase
    optional when the time comes first, and adding the relevant logic to
    detect this to the convert() method.
Commits on Dec 12, 2012
  1. Now ttrack uses cmdparser and own time parsing.

    Cartroo committed Nov 26, 2012
    All ttrack commands now use the cmdparser library to automatically
    generate a parser for the command based on the command syntax in the
    docstring. Command error reporting is quite different as a result
    (hopefully more helpful) and a lot of the boiler-plate error checking
    and command completion functions have been stripped out.
    The new datetimeparse library, based on classes in cmdparser, now
    replaces the third party parsedatetime library. This is mostly because
    this library made some annoying assumptions - for example, days of the
    week defaulted to the next instance, which is almost never what you want
    when adjusting start/stop times. The new library also allows a much
    nicer syntax for specifying periods (see next paragraph).
    The summary command has seen some significant syntactic differences -
    instead of choosing from a fixed list of period types (day, week,
    month), a fairly freeform date/time syntax is now permitted, which can
    run between arbitrary dates. The underlying library always supported
    this, but there wasn't a good way to express it in the command syntax.
    This commit also introduces considerable new functionality into
    cmdparser, adding a Subtree class to allow an entire parse tree to be
    "hidden" behind a single token in the top-level tree, including a
    conversion function which can squash syntax down to useful values (for
    example, datetimeparse uses this to convert to a datetime instance).
Commits on Nov 23, 2012
  1. Improved error reporting.

    Cartroo committed Nov 23, 2012
    Amended the matching functions to return more helpful error messages
    about the nature of parsing failures. Also made the AnyToken and
    AnyTokenString classes suitable for subclassing by adding a validate()
    method which can be overridden. Updated unit tests appropriately.
Commits on Nov 21, 2012
  1. Added optional repetition to parser.

    Cartroo committed Nov 21, 2012
    Any item can now be optionally repeated by adding the special sequence
    "[...]" after it. This is can be used with Token (or any derived
    version), AnyToken, Sequence or Alternation. Attempting to place it
    after AnyTokenString or another Repeater will result in a parse error,
    as these cases are nonsensical. As a result of the possiblity of
    repetition, the "fields" dictionary is now populated with a list of
    values in the order they were matched from the commandline.
    Unit tests have been updated with basic functional tests for repetition
    but, as always, more cases might be useful. Also, additional tracing
    possibilities have been added for debugging parse errors.
  2. Added token factories to cmdparser's cmd support.

    Cartroo committed Nov 21, 2012
    Updated cmdparser so that the class and method decorators are now
    classes which can potentially take arguments. The only argument
    currently used is to provide a token factory to the method decorator.
    Also added a "context" argument to the matching functions. In the case
    of the cmd integration code, this is always set to the instance of the
    application-provided class derived from cmd.Cmd, so it can get real-time
    context information from it for completion and matching purposes. Any
    application which was using the underlying parsing code directly could
    use this parameter for its own purposes - all builtin ParseItem classes
    ignore it except to pass it to any children unmodified.
  3. Finished cmd integration in cmdparser.

    Cartroo committed Nov 21, 2012
    It's now possible to use the class and method decorator in cmdparser to
    implement instances derived from cmd.Cmd which use cmdparser to check
    syntax of commands and extract argument values. Command-line completion
    is automatically inserted, and method docstrings are reflowed to remove
    the leading whitespace of the first non-initial non-blank docstring
    Note: Currently this leading initial indent is always removed, even if
    it's not entirely whitespace - I should probably fix this, or change the
    code to calculate the minimum leading whitespace across all non-blank
    lines except the initial one. Currently the heuristic works for the way
    I indent all my docstrings, however, so the changes can wait.
Commits on Nov 20, 2012
  1. Added decorators for cmd.Cmd parsing.

    Cartroo committed Nov 20, 2012
    Initial attempt at integrating cmdparser with the cmd module. Two new
    decorators have been added the cmdparser, one for use with derived
    cmd.Cmd classes and one for use with the methods in that class. They're
    designed to wrap around the do_X() methods which implement the commands
    and add parsing and completion to them.
    Early indications are that matching seems to work, at least basically,
    but completion isn't doing anything right now. There are not yet any
    unit tests for these changse - the unit test changes committed here are
    due to the change in interface added to allow code to detect the
    position in the command-line where a match failure occurred.
  2. Parsing and matching in cmdparser complete.

    Cartroo committed Nov 16, 2012
    The cmdparser library has now had various updates for correctness and a
    set of unit tests has been added to exercise it. The current stage of
    development is that cmdparser can parse command specification strings
    and build a parse tree, which can be used for command matching and field
    extraction, as well as command-line completion.
    The next step is to add a base class for "Cmd" instances which scans for
    methods of of the form command_name() and uses them to build the actual
    callback functions that the "cmd" module looks for. So, the docstring of
    the command_name() function generates the command specification and also
    becomes the help of the new command. The do_name() and complete_name()
    functions are automatically added to the class within the constructor.
Commits on Nov 15, 2012
  1. Added "todo" item support.

    Cartroo committed Nov 15, 2012
    Completed "todo" item support started in previous commit. Implemented
    basic test coverage for the library, although some additional cases
    could probably be usefully added. Application should be fully updated.
    Also moved the diary listing functionality out of the "task" command and
    under the "show" command, alongside the new "todo" listing support.
    Added new "todo" command to add "todo" items and mark them as done.
    Updated the README to reflect the new changes.
Commits on Nov 14, 2012
  1. Added library support for "todo" items.

    Cartroo committed Nov 14, 2012
    The underlying library now has basic support for "todo" items on a task.
    These can be added at any point, and remain pending until marked as
    done. Items which are completed during a summary period will be merged
    with the diary entries (with the prefix "DONE") and items which are
    still pending during a period can also be queried with the pending_todos
    list. Items which are both started and completed either before or after
    a period don't appear in either of these sets.
    The application hasn't yet been updated aside from the "task <x> todos"
    command, which currently won't do anything unless the database has
    manually had todo entries added.
Commits on Oct 16, 2012
  1. Added multiline diary comments.

    Cartroo committed Oct 16, 2012
    Executing the "diary" command with no arguments now enters a multi-line
    prompt where the user can enter a longer comment, terminating with a "."
    character on its own. Line breaks are respected when displaying
    comments, although long lines are still wrapped, consecutive blank lines
    are collapsed into a single blank and leading and trailing blank lines
    are stripped. leading whitespace on a paragraph will be preserved but
    probably only on the first line.
Commits on Jul 6, 2012
  1. Added README file.

    Cartroo committed Jul 6, 2012
    Initial draft, including basic "getting started" instructions for
    anybody curious to use the project. This, combined with command-line
    help, should hopefully be sufficient to get most people started.
Commits on Feb 29, 2012
  1. Fixed bugs in "task" completion.

    Andrew Pearce
    Andrew Pearce committed Feb 29, 2012
    Added "diary" as an option to tab-completion for "task" command, and
    also fixed completion of task name and "current" alias (previously
    wasn't working due to an exception being thrown and then hidden).
  2. Add command to display full diary for a task.

    Andrew Pearce
    Andrew Pearce committed Feb 29, 2012
    Added "task <task> diary" option to display full diary for the specified
    task. Also altered command so "current" can be used as an alias for the
    currently active task in all instances of this command. If you have a
    real task with the name "current", you're out of luck as the alias takes
    precedence. Using "current" when there is no active task results in an