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Images That Matter: This is a project by Andreu Casas (New York University) and Nora Webb Williams (University of Washington) that studies the mobilizing power of images
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Images That Matter: Online Protests and the Mobilizing Role of Pictures

Online Appendix and Replication materials for the paper by Andreu Casas (New York University) and Nora Webb Williams (University of Washington).

Files Description:

  • Online Appendix: This is a PDF containing all the Appendices of the paper:

    • A. Image Labeling Procedures and Summary Statistics Table
    • B. Interrater Reliability, Evidence of Stable Emotions Labeling, and Turker Demographics
    • C. Regression Analysis Results Table
    • D. Robustness Check, controlling for the text of the messages
    • E. Image Features and Emotions
  • 00_functions.R: Script with some functions we use in this project.

  • 01_figure_1.R: Code to replicate Figure 1.

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