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Guest letters from one stay to the next at Casa Jasmina
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Letters from and for residents of CasaJasmina

The open source connected home of the future, @casajamina in Torino, Italy ( is a living, live-in lab. A place where temporary residents explore the notion of an open source connected home.

Casa Jasmina was founded by Jasmina Tesanovic and Bruce Sterling together with the Office of Arduino.

As the space evolves, so do insights, needs and relations between the temporary residents and the space, as well as among each other.

What is this respository

Receiving a letter from the guests before you, and passing on your observations and notes to the next ones, creates a personal connection, provides a framework of support, and serves to document the progess and conversation around Casa Jasmina.

This respository was created by Michelle Thorne with support by Peter Bihr and Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino during their stay in Casa Jasmina on July 20, 2015.

How to use this repository

Explore the letters prior residents left for you. And once you're leaving, leave a letter to the next residents. There are no formal restrictions: Think of it as a guestbook, but without the need to profusely flatter the hosts. This is to share insights, needs, criticism, pointers, questions - or to pose challenges.

Like with Casa Jasmina as a whole, make these letters your own. Use them as you see fit.

For practical purposes, we recommend just putting a text (or markdown) file in this folder, named starting with the date (YYYYMMDD) to make it easy to navigate and dig through the archives in chronological order.

To contribute to Casa Jasmina

Here are more ways you can contribute your ideas, questions, and creativity to Casa Jasmina:

  • Add a project to the CasaJasmina virtual workbench/scrum board. You can add a project by making a "pull request" to the Casa Jasmina Github project. Here's an explaination of how that works. You'll need a Github account.

  • Create or contribute to an issue. If you have an idea of something that should be made or discussed, you can open a new issue. Be sure to add some detail and context, so others understand what you are trying to accomplish You can also pick up an existing issue and contribute to it.

Need help or have suggestions?

If you have questions or suggestions to make this process better, contact Peter:

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