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Cascading for the Impatient

Welcome to Cascading for the Impatient, a tutorial for Cascading 3.1.x to get you started. Quickly. Like, yesterday.

This set of progressive coding examples starts with a simple file copy and builds up to a MapReduce implementation of the TF-IDF algorithm.

You can read the full series here:

If you have a question or run into any problems send an email to the cascading-user-list.

Part 1

  • Implements simplest Cascading app possible
  • Copies each TSV line from source tap to sink tap
  • Roughly, in about a dozen lines of code
  • Physical plan: 1 Mapper

Part 2

  • Implements a simple example of WordCount
  • Uses a regex to split the input text lines into a token stream
  • Generates a DOT file, to show the Cascading flow graphically
  • Physical plan: 1 Mapper, 1 Reducer

Part 3

  • Uses a custom Function to scrub the token stream
  • Discusses when to use standard Operations vs. creating custom ones
  • Physical plan: 1 Mapper, 1 Reducer

Part 4

  • Shows how to use a HashJoin on two pipes
  • Filters a list of stop words out of the token stream
  • Physical plan: 1 Mapper, 1 Reducer

Part 5

  • Calculates TF-IDF using an ExpressionFunction
  • Shows how to use a CountBy, SumBy, and a CoGroup
  • Physical plan: 10 Mappers, 8 Reducers

Part 6

  • Includes unit tests in the build
  • Shows how to use other TDD features: checkpoints, assertions, traps, debug
  • Physical plan: 11 Mappers, 8 Reducers

Part 7

This example is currently not implemented.

Part 8

  • Scalding equivalents of previous examples in Cascading