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a simple kind of social recommender
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Cascading Sample Recommender

The goal for this project is to create a sample application in Cascading 2.7 which shows how to build a simple kind of social recommender.

More detailed background information and step-by-step documentation is provided at

Build Instructions

To generate an IntelliJ project use:

gradle ideaModule

To build the sample app from the command line use:

gradle clean jar

Before running this sample app, be sure to set your HADOOP_HOME environment variable and clear the output directory, then to run on a desktop/laptop with Apache Hadoop in standalone mode:

rm -rf output
yarn jar ./build/libs/recommender.jar data/en.stop data/tweets output/token output/similarity

To view the results:

more output/similarity/part-00000

An example of log captured from a successful build+run is at

For more discussion, see the cascading-user email forum.

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