Leiningen integration for Cascading.
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A Leiningen plugin for Cascading 2.0. (Still in development! This plugin only works with Leiningen 1.6.2.)

Getting Started

You'll need Leiningen, the build tool for Clojure. These instructions are copied from the Leiningen README:

  • Download this script which is named lein
  • Place it on your path so that you can execute it. (I like to use ~/bin)
  • Set it to be executable. (chmod 755 ~/bin/lein)

Run the following commands to install lein-cascading:

lein plugin install lein-newnew 0.1.2
lein plugin install lein-cascading 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT

Creating a new Cascading Project

With lein-cascading, creating a new Cascading 2.0 project is as simple as:

lein new cascading <project-name>
cd <project-name>

Add your customizations to project.clj, run lein deps and you'll be good to go.

Customizing your module

Generated modules come with a single class called Main.java containing an example log-parsing job.

All new projects will require the following steps:

  • add custom dependencies to project.clj.
  • Customize README.md

And that's it!