This is an app that will allow you to speak a phrase and search for matches on flickr.
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Speak and See

Speak and See is an app that will allow you to speak a word phrase and continually search for matches from flickr.

To use the app, add in your Flickr api key, launch it on a local server, and press the 'Start Search' button. Then agree to the permissions autorization prompt, and start speaking. A small pause will deliminate your query into a word or phrase, and then show matches as pictures from the Flickr api.

I decided to start small and tackle this project the simplist way possible. My first step was the check out the Web Speech API documentation and read through the given tutorials. Once I started getting the expected output from that, I moved on to the Flickr api and put together an api call that gave me the data I needed in a usuable quantity.

I used jQuery in order to run ajax requests as well as simpler DOM targeting and its manipulation methods.