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# Foo.rb
pg_search_scope :search, against: :name

# Query'id,name').search('bar')
# or',').search('bar')
# or'bar').select('id,name')

# Yields
SELECT id,name, "foos".*...

is there a way of avoiding this behaviour and just loading the fields specified without the added select-all directive? As I want to utilise PG9.2's index-only scans if possible.


Had we not written a patch for this issue when I worked on this for a day with you Grant while I was a candidate? Or are you trying to solve it in a better way than what we wrote up that afternoon?

nertzy commented Dec 14, 2012

Yes, we did work on a fix. I want to merge it in but haven't yet due to some weird and complex edge cases. (See #79 for an example of one of them) is the code we worked on.

I will work on getting some of these issues out into the open and discussing them here on GitHub.


Yea I'll take a look at the example posted in #79 and if you have other examples you can post to GitHub I'll look at those as well. If I can find a solution that satisfies these edge cases I'll submit a pull request.

I should be joining the Pivotal team in January so why not get in on the fun early? :-)

This was referenced Jan 25, 2013

I would love to see this get merged in. Any plans?


Upvote on the merge.

ajb commented Dec 2, 2014

This has been over 2 years, which is getting pretty insane. We're currently working around this issue, but it's causing up to a 2 second performance hit in extreme cases. (!!)

I'm going to see what can be done, but @nertzy, any help from you would be much appreciated.

nertzy commented Feb 22, 2015

Fixed by eb730f7 which has just been added to master.

Test added in a074acb.

@nertzy nertzy closed this Feb 22, 2015
ajb commented Feb 23, 2015

Will test this out in our application shortly. Thanks Grant!

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