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LoadError (no such file to load -- pg_search/features/dmetaphone): #78

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This may very well be a Heroku issue but I thought I'd post it here in case others run into the same thing.

I'm running using their Crane database which should be Postgres 9.2.
I'm using the following: pg_search_scope :search_by_description, :against => :description, :using => { :tsearch => {:any_word => true} }

This works locally and has been working in the past although I recently upgraded my database to the Crane database.

The error I am receiving is "LoadError (no such file to load -- pg_search/features/dmetaphone):"

Any insights?


Just to note that I see dmetaphone requires a contrib package but I'm not using that so maybe my new question is "why is something trying to load pg_search/features/dmetaphone?".


Ok. So just to try something I ran this migration.

class AddFuzzyStrMatchToPostgres < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def up
    execute "CREATE EXTENSION pg_trgm;"
    execute "CREATE EXTENSION fuzzystrmatch;"

  def down
    execute "DROP EXTENSION pg_trgm;"
    execute "DROP EXTENSION fuzzystrmatch;"

Now I get:

NameError (undefined local variable or method 'rank' for #<PgSearch::ScopeOptions:0x00000008965278>):


Ok...... so I "fixed" it. So I tried accessing Heroku by running heroku run bash and then rails console. This failed because of the following error: cannot load such file — test/unit/testcase (LoadError). I wasn't really sure why that was failing at first but this stackoverflow post had a suggestion. Remove test from the .slugignore file.

I removed test from my .slugignore file and was then able to run rails console. To my surprise when I got in the rails console to debug the pg_search issue... it was gone!

So my thought is that the testcase load issue was preventing something from loading in pg_search? Maybe?


I'm using 0.5.7


@rmontgomery429 is this still valid? please close the issue if not. thanks.

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