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" Keybindings
" -----------
let mapleader = ","
let maplocalleader = ";"
" Gracefully handle holding shift too long after : for common commands
cabbrev W w
cabbrev Q q
cabbrev Wq wq
cabbrev Tabe tabe
cabbrev Tabc tabc
"set pastetoggle keybinding
set pastetoggle=<F2>
" Make Y consistent with D and C
map Y y$
" Search
nmap <leader>s :%s/
vmap <leader>s :s/
" Split screen
map <leader>v :vsp<CR>
" Move between screens
map <leader>w ^Ww
map <leader>= ^W=
map <leader>j ^Wj
map <leader>k ^Wk
" Open .vimrc file in new tab. Think Command + , [Preferences...] but with Shift.
map <D-<> :tabedit ~/.vimrc<CR>
" Reload .vimrc
map <leader>rv :source ~/.vimrc<CR>
" Undo/redo - Doesn't MacVim already have this?
map <D-z> :earlier 1<CR>
map <D-Z> :later 1<CR>
" Auto-indent whole file
nmap <leader>= gg=G``
map <silent> <F7> gg=G`` :delmarks z<CR>:echo "Reformatted."<CR>
" Jump to a new line in insert mode
imap <D-CR> <Esc>o
" Fast scrolling
nnoremap <C-e> 3<C-e>
nnoremap <C-y> 3<C-y>
" File tree browser
map \ :NERDTreeToggle<CR>
" File tree browser showing current file - pipe (shift-backslash)
map \| :NERDTreeFind<CR>
" Previous/next quickfix file listings (e.g. search results)
map <M-D-Down> :cn<CR>
map <M-D-Up> :cp<CR>
" Previous/next buffers
map <M-D-Left> :bp<CR>
map <M-D-Right> :bn<CR>
"indent/unindent visual mode selection with tab/shift+tab
vmap <tab> >gv
vmap <s-tab> <gv
" Tab in insert mode should just indent
autocmd VimEnter * iunmap <tab>
" FuzzyFinder
map <D-e> :FufBuffer<CR>
map <leader>rb :FufBuffer<CR>
" Command-T
map <D-N> :CommandTFlush<CR>:CommandT<CR>
map <leader>F :CommandTFlush<CR>:CommandT<CR>
nmap <C-p> :CommandT<CR>
map <leader>f :CommandT<CR>
" ctags with rails load path
map <leader>rt :!bundle exec rails runner 'puts ${\|x\| x.include?(Dir.pwd) && x \!~ \%r{/(vendor\|spec)\b} }.join(" ")' \| xargs /usr/local/bin/ctags -R public/javascripts<CR>
map <leader>rT :!bundle exec rails runner 'puts ${\|x\| x.include?(Dir.pwd) && x \!~ \%r{/(vendor\|spec)\b} }.join(" ")' \| xargs bundle exec rdoc -f tags; /usr/local/bin/ctags --append -R public/javascripts<CR>
" Git blame
map <leader>g :Gblame<CR>
" Comment/uncomment lines
map <leader>/ <plug>NERDCommenterToggle
" In command-line mode, <C-A> should go to the front of the line, as in bash.
cmap <C-A> <C-B>
" Copy current file path to system pasteboard
map <leader>cp :let @* = expand("%")<CR>:echo "Copied: ".expand("%")<CR>
map <leader>C :let @* = expand("%").":".line(".")<CR>:echo "Copied: ".expand("%").":".line(".")<CR>
map <silent> <D-C> :let @* = expand("%")<CR>:echo "Copied: ".expand("%")<CR>
" Run tests
map <leader>t :wa<CR>:RunTestLine<CR>
map <leader>T :wa<CR>:RunTest<CR>
map <leader>tt :wa<CR>:RunTestAgain<CR>
map <F12> :write<CR>:RunTest<CR>
imap <F12> <ESC><F12>
map <F11> :write<CR>:RunTestLine<CR>
imap <F11> <ESC><F11>
map <F10> :write<CR>:RunTestAgain<CR>
imap <F10> <ESC><F10>
map <F9> :write<CR>:RunTestPrevious<CR>
imap <F9> <ESC><F9>
" Disable middle mouse button, F1
map <MiddleMouse> <Nop>
imap <MiddleMouse> <Nop>
map <F1> <Nop>
imap <F1> <Nop>
" Easy access to the shell
map <Leader><Leader> :!
" AckGrep current word
map <leader>a :call AckGrep()<CR>
" AckVisual current selection
vmap <leader>a :call AckVisual()<CR>
" Recalculate diff when it gets messed up.
nmap du :diffupdate<CR>
" Gundo.vim
map <leader>u :GundoToggle<CR>
" See init/story_id.vim
autocmd FileType gitcommit nnoremap <leader>i :Sid<CR>
" Make :EP! work like :e!
cabbrev EP! e!
" A rough opposite of J: inserts new-line. Real opposite of J, though, is: r<CR>
nmap <C-J> i<CR><ESC>