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Rename DiffTheirs & DiffMine to DiffLeft & DiffRight, and add DiffWith

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1 parent ef8f278 commit 96c8eeab6f599358160ba91917a784a8bb1d447e Matt Royal committed
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  1. +3 −3 bundle/diffthese/plugin/diffthese.vim
6 bundle/diffthese/plugin/diffthese.vim
@@ -15,9 +15,9 @@ function! s:DiffThese(...)
command! -n=? -bar DiffThese :call s:DiffThese(<args>)
-" Assume rebasing, where your changes are in the 3rd window and the master changes are in the 1st
-command! -n=0 -bar DiffTheirs :call s:DiffThese(1,2)
-command! -n=0 -bar DiffMine :call s:DiffThese(2,3)
+command! -n=0 -bar DiffLeft :call s:DiffThese(1,2)
+command! -n=0 -bar DiffRight :call s:DiffThese(2,3)
command! -n=0 -bar DiffChanges :call s:DiffThese(1,3)
command! -n=0 -bar DiffAll :call s:DiffThese(1,2,3,4)
+command! -n=1 -bar DiffWith :call s:DiffThese(winnr(), <args>)
command! -n=0 -bar DiffOff diffoff!

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