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MemberPress Are You a Human (Deprecated)
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MemberPress: Are You a Human

This is an add-on for MemberPress that enforces an "Are You a Human" game on each registration page.

Are You a Human does the same thing as a Captcha but much less annoying.

Here are the steps to get working with MemberPress:

  1. Go to and register for a free account. Make sure you select "Not Listed" as your platform.
  2. Install MemberPress Are You A Human Add-On alongside MemberPress on your WordPress website
  3. Copy your Publisher and Scoring keys: Copy your keys
  4. Go to "MemberPress" -> "Options" -> "General" -> "Are You A Human"
  5. Paste your Publisher and Scoring keys: Paste your keys

That's it ... now an "Are You a Human" box should appear after the first screen in the registration process.

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