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Wiki Here, Wiki Now

Wiki here, Wiki Now is a Ruby on Rails application that allows users to create wikis and collaborate on other wikis. Users can pay to upgrade their membership, allowing them to view and create private wikis.

The app is deployed on Heroku:

The source code is here on GitHub:


  • There are three types of users: standard, premium and admin.
  • Users can create a standard account in order to create, edit, and collaborate on public wikis using Markdown syntax. Anyone can view public wikis.
  • Users can pay to upgrade their account to Premium in order to view and create private wikis.
  • Premium users can allow others to view and collaborate on the private wikis they create.
  • Premium users can downgrade their account back to Standard.
  • When a user downgrades his or her account, his or her private wikis will automatically become public.

NOTE: Upgrading to Premium is done with Stripe. It is deliberately set to test mode. The upgrade itself occurs when payment is processed.

Setup and Configuration

Languages and Frameworks: Ruby on Rails and Bootstrap

Ruby version 2.3.0p0

Rails version 5.0.0.rc1

Databases: SQLite (Test, Development), PostgreSQL (Production)

Development Tools and Gems include:

  • Devise for user authentication
  • SendGrid for email confirmation
  • Redcarpet for Markdown formatting
  • Pundit for authorization
  • Stripe for payments
  • HAML for some markup
  • Gravatar for user icon
  • Friendly_id for cleaner urls
  • EpicEditor for markdown preview of wikis


  • Environment variables were set using Figaro and are stored in config/application.yml (ignored by git).

  • The config/application.example.yml file illustrates how environment variables should be stored.

To run Wiki Here, Wiki Now locally:

  • Clone the repository
  • Run bundle install
  • Create and migrate the SQLite database with rake db:create and rake db:migrate
  • Start the server using rails server
  • Run the app on localhost:3000


An application that allows users to create public and private Markdown-based wikis.



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