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CVE-2019-14287 Demo Container

This is a container built for demonstration purposes that has a version of the sudo command which is vulnerable to CVE-2019-14287 (

This container can be run with:

docker run -ti cashwilliams/cve-2019-14287-demo


The container has three real users:

  • root
  • alice
  • bob

The alice user is configured to have the ability to run any command as any other user (in this case bob as it is the only other user) using sudo -u(user) (command), however is restricted from running commands as root. This is configured in the /etc/sudoers file at the end using:

alice ALL=(ALL,!root) NOPASSWD: ALL

You can try to run commands as bob, such as opening a shell, with the following:

sudo -ubob bash

However, if you attempt to run a command as root, you will be prompted for a password which is unknown (and the command would fail anyway). This is by design and shows the sudo command working properly.


The "minus_1_uid" bug within sudo ( was published on October 14, 2019 and demostrates an issue with how the user argument is interpreted.

In this case alice can run commands as the root user, such as opening a shell, with the following:

sudo -u#-1 bash

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