Server: Supported Video Hardware

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Inclusion the lists below does not imply endorsement of the products. Full functionality may not apply to each product. Please read the notes.

Blackmagic Design


Supported Product Interface Connectors Channels Notes
:white_check_mark: Duo 2 4xPCIE G2 1x Ref In
4x SDI BiDir
Up to 4 channels.
Synchronised key.
Quad 2 8xPCIE G2 1x Ref In
8x SDI BiDir
Up to 8 channels.
Synchronised key.
Mini Monitor 1xPCIE G2 1x HDMI Out
1x SDI Out
1 channel.
Fill or key.
Mini Recorder 1xPCIE G2 1x HDMI In
1x SDI In
1 channel
Mini Monitor 4K 4xPCIE G2
Mini Recorder 4K 4xPCIE G2
Studio 4K 4xPCIE G2
4K Pro 8xPCIE G2
4K Extreme (6G) 4xPCIE G2
4K Extreme 12G 8xPCIE G2
8K Pro 8xPCIE G3
Duo 4xPCIE
Quad 8xPCIE
Studio 1xPCIE
HD Extreme 4xPCIE
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