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Fun with F# and images. So I like F# because it's a dotNet but with a new paradigm of functional programming. Which I'm new to. So this repo is a playground of testing and working with varrious F# (exclusive) techniques. Like;

  • F# data; a package which allows at design time to interact with a data URL
  • Patern matching; a way of handeling cases and checking for aspects of your data.
  • Async in F#; a bit harder then C# TAP but more expressive
  • workflow/pipelying; Instead of declarative processing your flow, 'piping' results after each other is verry comon in F#. Partially because it's more immutable focused language

So the image fun is just modifing pixel data for hillarious effects. Up on today I only got a min and max of two images. But I try to come up with other ways of modifying images