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Current Status

Medha Parlikar edited this page Sep 17, 2019 · 34 revisions

Engineering Status


  • Medha is working on the 2020 roadmap & hiring plan
  • Validator sale documentation is in flight, ready by 9/12
  • Node testing sessions start on Thursday.
  • dApp developer outreach program development has started
  • Team is in sprint 19


  • Node 0.7 released!
  • DevNet will be updated with the new software today

DevNet has been released that Includes the following:

A publicly available network supporting the following features:

  • Assumes all honest validators
  • Validator bonding / unbonding
  • Faucet for deployments and bonding requests
  • Mint & Token Contract
  • Secure deployments, with payment code and session code
  • Smart block gossiping
  • Gas processed metrics
  • Genesis process
  • Secure Enclave compatibility
  • Support for GraphQL
  • Structured Logging

Current Focus

  • Plan completed for the next major milestone, alpha TestNet, which will have these properties:
  • Liveness
  • Economic security
  • Contract Registry
  • Performance


  • Complete protocol with liveness proof is complete and being prepared for publishing.
  • Implementation of new protocol is underway.
  • Looking for a name for the protocol - internal name is 'Highway'

Execution Engine

  • Working on specifications for protocol upgrades
  • Investigating performance, looking for bottlenecks.


  • Deploy buffers now use RDBMS, very little adverse impact to performance. The long running tests are failing with this feature, had to pull from the release. Investigating.
  • Fixed the Mac build, tarball works again.

Test and SRE

  • Implementing alerts for monitoring of DevNet
  • Medha will start node testing sessions this week. Thursday mornings at 9 am PDT.
  • Production engineering plan - how robust is the network, testing it as such.
  • Placing website repo under CI, for speed for the marketing team.


Team & Company Update

  • Bernd Lapp joins as country manager & Evangelist in Europe
  • Swiss entity in Zug opened last week.
  • Team is in Asia - Come see us!
  • Hiring for WebDeveloper and Rust developers for dApp development.
  • Submit resumes to

Governance Status

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