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WASM Contract Examples
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CasperLabs Smart Contract Examples

Each subdirectory contains an example of a smart contract definition and a companion contract that calls it.


After installing rustup, run the following commands from the root of this repo:

rustup toolchain install $(cat rust-toolchain)
rustup target add --toolchain $(cat rust-toolchain) wasm32-unknown-unknown


To build all the contracts:

cargo build --release

To build a specific contract and its companion:

cargo build --release -p hello-define
cargo build --release -p hello-call

After building a contract, you will find the corresponding wasm file in target/wasm32-unknown-unknown/release.

NOTE: The --release flag is currently necessary in order to build optimized wasm files that can be deployed from a CasperLabs Node.


To deploy a compiled contract to a CasperLabs node, please see the CasperLabs Developer Documentation.

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