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# The purpose of this script is to remove all bad SNPs from a Lositan output file.
# The initial output file (here snpfile) file has the format SNP_number '\t' Heterozygosity '\t' Fst '\t' Pvalue
# But it also has Fst values of -100 (a sort of 'missing data' code) which can lead to spurious results in downstream calculations.
# We need to get rid of these values first.
snpfile = open('locuslist_nohead.txt')
no_neg100sfile = open('locuslist_nohead_noneg100values.txt', 'w')
outfile = open('significant_fstloci.txt', 'w')
for line in snpfile:
if '-100' in line:
del line
elif 'NA' in line:
del line
# We may also want to look only at loci that have significant differentiation or some other criteria.
no_neg100sfile = open('locuslist_nohead_noneg100values.txt', 'r')
for line in no_neg100sfile:
columns = line.split('\t')
pval = float(columns[3])
if pval < 0.05:
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