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Configurable Graphite, Carbon & etsy/StatsD Docker Image
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Docker Image for Graphite

Deploy Graphite & Statsd with a single command

Graphite & Statsd are difficult to orchestrate. This Docker image will help you get up & running quickly.

Follow this * tutorial *, and you will end up with a similar setup:


Quick Start

docker run -d --name graphite -p 8080:80 -p 2003:2003 -p 8125:8125/udp castawaylabs/graphite-statsd

This starts a Docker container named: graphite

Includes the following components

  • Nginx - reverse proxies the graphite dashboard
  • Graphite - front-end dashboard
  • Carbon - back-end
  • Statsd - UDP metrics aggregator

Mapped Ports

Service Host Container
nginx 80 80
carbon 2003 2003
statsd 8125 8125

Mounted Volumes

These volumes can be optionally mounted. For whatever reason, if you want to edit the config files, i suggest you fork this repo and edit conf/*.conf directly, rebuilding the image as you wish.

Alternatively, you can mount files to overwrite the defaults.. See the Dockerfile for more info (look for ADD statements)


Start Using Graphite & Statsd

Send Some Stats

Let's fake some stats with a random counter to prove things are working.

echo "foo:1|c" | nc -u -w0 8125
echo "foo:25|ms" | nc -u -w0 8125

Visualize the Data

Open Graphite in a browser at http://localhost/dashboard.

In ~10s, refresh graphite, you should see and*.

Update the Configuration

  1. Update the default Django admin user account. The default is insecure.

First login at: http://localhost/account/login Then update the root user's profile at: http://localhost/admin/auth/user/1/

  1. Read up on Graphite's post-install tasks. Focus on the storage-schemas.conf

Note: Fork this repo and rebuild the image, changing conf/*.conf files. These are defaults and will work for most configurations, but if you need something specific, check out the docs link above.

Read more about synching Statsd with Graphite configs.

  1. Learn about Statsd.

  2. Start sending stats from your apps.

Additional Reading


Sponsored by nodegear - Awesome Nodejs Platform for Developers (with real-time stats)

Work inspired by this awesome guy: hopsoft from his repo (i cleaned it up a little a lot)



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