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Node CI server
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Node-CI Server

This is a CI server for node.js. It depends on github to send a deploy request.


  1. Download the source and install dependencies.
  2. Add repositories you want to use, along with scripts.

(see the examples folder for reference)

###Lanching the CI Create a script to start your app on system boot, extensive about it guide here.

  • Make sure you export PORT environment variable, such as export PORT=8080.
  • Launch the app node app.js.

###How to set up deploy hook on github

  1. Go to your github repository settings
  2. Click on Service Hooks
  3. Click on WebHook URLs
  4. Add your domain e.g.
  5. Click save.

####How to test your hook Repeat steps above 1-3. Then click Test hook.

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