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Webkit2png in Docker


We had to recently use webkit2png in conjunction with a nodejs project.. We also found that webkit2png is best run on Debian-based distribution. We primarily use CentOS..


This image should get you started on using webkit2png in no time! Spend less time configuring, installing X server, fonts, etc etc.

How to

  1. run ./build.sh or just docker build -t castawaylabs/webkit2png-docker.
  2. Docker builds the image..
  3. Run docker run -d -p castawaylabs/webkit2png-docker

You now have an isolated container listening to port :2222 (bound to localhost).

What next

We used fabric in conjunction with node.js to make screenshots.

Here's how: Node.js invokes fabric, fabric uses ssh to connect to the container and executes some webkit2png commands.

node -> (exec) -> fabric -> (ssh) -> webkit2png

Example fabfile

note: This may not be strictly functional.. Just an example. Remove the id if not being used..

Command: fab -f scripts/create_card.py --password webkit2png -H root@ getCard:id="cardid"


from fabric.api import run
from fabric.operations import put, get
import os

def getCard(id):
    # Get CWD
    path = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))
    # Upload .html file from the user
    put(path+'/'+id+'.html', '~/'+id+'.html')
    # Take a screenshot of the card
    run("DISPLAY=:99.0 webkit2png -o ~/" + id + ".png -x 500 250 "+id+".html")
    # Retrieve the card .png
    get(id+'.png', path+'/'+id+'.png')
    # cleanup: delete the .html and .png
    run("rm -f "+id+".png "+id+".html")