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RESTful API for CaG Events
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CaG Events API

RESTful API specification for CaG Events in OpenAPI 3 format.


  • openapi-list: VS Code plugin for linting OpenAPI 3.0.
  • Swagger Editor (local): A Swagger 2 and OpenAPI 3 online web editor with auto complete and preview.


  • manage/ Start Swagger/OpenAPI editor web server (using Swagger Editor). The spec file must be imported and exported manually.
  • manage/ Validate the YAML file formatting/linting (using yamllint in Python 3 virtualenv).
  • manage/ Generate web docs locally (using Swagger Codegen).
  • manage/ Generate JSON OpenAPI/Swagger file locally (using Swagger Codegen).
  • manage/ Clean temporary dirs and files.


  • Generally, all minor and patch versions should be backwards compatible.
  • All changes must be specified in the
  • When ready to release, bump the version in openapi.yaml and and add a new empty section in
  • Release a new version using GitHub Releases with "CaG Events API vX.Y.Z" as the title and the relevant changelog section as the description.


This project is licensed under GPLv3, see LICENSE for the full license text.

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