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CaG Web II

Static Hugo website, using theme CasualGaming/fifty.

Project Structure

  • content/: Web pages.
  • static/: Static files placed in the web root of the built site.
  • themes/: Contains the theme (after you've run
  • layouts/: Overrides or extensions for themes.
  • extra/: Extra files, not used to build the site.
  • manage/: Development scripts.
  • config.toml: Config file for the site, contains front page content as well.

Scripts and Commands

  • manage/ Updates the submodules, including the theme. You will get weird build errors if you forget this!
  • manage/ Build the site.
  • manage/ Remove all temporary files.
  • manage/ Starts the development server with hot reloading.
  • docker build -t cag-web-2 .: (Requires Docker) Build the site in a Docker container. (Remember to pull the submodules first!)
  • docker run --rm -p 8080:80 cag-web-2: (Requires Docker) Run the site in a Docker container (using nginx) and forward port 8080 to it.



Simple content changes and such can be easily changed directly within GitHub. When the file is committed to master, the site is automatically rebuilt and redeployed. Make sure the automatic build succeeds (here) and that the site is working after the deployment has finished (here) (at most 5 minutes after committing to master).

Offline without Docker

Requires Hugo. Allows you to run the site locally while making changes.

  • Run manage/ to clone/update the submodules.
  • Run manage/ to start the development server with hot reloading.

Offline with Docker

Doesn't require Hugo, but does not provide hot reloading.

  • Run manage/ to clone/update the submodules.
  • Run manage/ to build the Docker image.
  • Run manage/ to run the image (doesn't build it).