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Casual Gaming Website II

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Static Hugo website built by Travis CI and served by GitHub Pages.

Project Structure

  • content/: Web pages.
  • static/: Static files placed in the web root of the built site.
  • themes/: Contains the theme (after you've run
  • archetypes/, data/, layouts/: Templates, don't change these.
  • extra/: Extra files, not used to build the site.
  • config.toml: Config file for the site, contains front page content as well.
  • A script to build and run the site locally with hot reloading.

Online Editing

Simple content changes and such can be easily changed directly within GitHub. When the file is saved/committed, the site is automatically rebuilt and redeployed. Make sure the automatic build succeeds (here) and that the site is working after the deployment has finished (here) (at most 5 minutes after committing).

Desktop Editing

  • Run ./ (or make update-submodules) to clone the required submodules. This is required when the repo was just cloned or any submodules were updated.
  • Run ./ (or make server) to start a development server with hot reloading.


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