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Fifty Theme

Fifty theme is a multi-page website built around a grid of image tiles that transition into its content pages. It is forked from MarcusVirg/forty, which is a ported theme built by HTML5 UP.

Outdated images from Forty: Forty Screenshot


Create a new Hugo site and inside the site folder run either of the following set of commands:

$ git submodule add themes/fifty


$ git clone themes/fifty

To learn how to create a Hugo Site read the official guide of Hugo.

If your javascript or css isn't rendering, check your BaseURL frontmatter in the config.toml file.

Using the theme

After cloning Fifty or adding it as a submodule, there are a few other things you should do:

There is an exampleSite folder for this theme containing a config.toml, use it as a starting point.

You can change the background by replacing the banner.jpg file with your own image in the folder forty/static/img. The image must be in jpg format and the filename must be called banner.jpg otherwise it will not work.

To create a new blog post, you can take advantage of archetypes and use the Hugo command:

$ cd hugoProjectDirectory
$ hugo new blogs/

Replace with your own file name. You can also just copy the markdown files from forty/exampleSite/content/blogs


Changes, starting from when it was forked from MarcusVirg/forty@ad1b71f:

  • Adjust styles (mainly colors, font sizes and spacings).
  • Remove Netlify config from example site.
  • Move demo images and stuff from theme to example site.
  • Make front page tile widths more even.
  • Change front page tile colors (hardcoded at this point).
  • Replace front page title and button with centered logo.
  • Add tile option for containing the background image within the tile.
  • Make last tile full width if odd number of tiles.
  • Remove contant form and Disqus.
  • Generalize footer line format.
  • Upgrade FontAwesome from 4 to 5.
  • Add sponsor section on front page.
  • Add social icon text.
  • Center footer.
  • Use (automatic) tiles on list pages.
  • Change page banner image.
  • Add social/Open Graph image to all pages.
  • Rename sponsor section to partner section.
  • Add front page section for embedding Grasrotandelen.
  • Add front page section for embedding a Discord server widget.


Find a bug or want a new feature? Use the issue tracker or submit a pull request.


This theme is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. For more information read the License.


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