Provides basic protection against malicious servers as well as prevents servers from being annoying.
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AdBlock & Protection for TF2

Hello, since recently an exploit was discovered to execute arbitrary commands on clients (fixed in yesterday's update) I decided to see what could be done about this with purely cfg scripts to protect against this.


  • Protection against an invasive server anti-cheat (taking & uploading screenshots behind your back). Now useless because of the update.
  • AdBlocks against pinion motd adverts (Stops the 'You may close the MOTD in 5 seconds'!).
  • Prevents servers from playing sounds on your client.
  • There are some commands the server is allowed to execute, I don't see why the server needs access & blocked it.


Available here.

Install instructions:

Click the 'ZIP' button in the description. Extract protect.cfg to your tf\cfg folder. Add 'exec protect.cfg' to your autoexec.