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Linux distribution creation tools for single board computers
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Linux base creation tools for single board computers.

You can download pre-built base images from my blog at

Before proceeding, the following must be achieved:

  1. A Debian distro is imaged and booted. All updates / upgrades have been applied, and system is running well.
  2. Date and time are set (best to run locale first).

Now, use these scripts:

  1. prep - Prepare the system before building. Will force a reboot.
  2. locale - Set the timezone and locale. BaldNerd default is America/Toronto, en_US UTF-8.
  3. base - Install a very simple base set of tools (this is only a base OS, developers can add what they really need, but I'll install what I think is crucial out of the box).
  4. user - Create the default user (baldnerd) and remove any existing user.
  5. hostname - Set the hostname to debian.
  6. Reboot at this point, and when reconnecting, login as baldnerd/baldnerd, then use sudo su to become root.
  7. rc - Configure and then open rc.local for first-boot (do not reboot after this)
  8. cleanup - The final removal of logs, creation of the MOTD, and fill all empty space of disk with zeros before halting for image.
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