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Make Docker ver pull from build-version

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RobbieF committed Sep 11, 2019
1 parent cf00df9 commit 739df38e58d262bd07625fac250f9429e32e4c6d
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@@ -4,13 +4,16 @@
# Thanks to cube8021 for pointing out this feature on Discord
# Done a bit differently here since the stages are all local (not public)

nemsver=$(cat ../../build-version)
echo "Building NEMS Linux $nemsver"
echo ""
read -r -p "What build number is this? " buildnum

# Prep Debian Buster for NEMS Linux conversion
docker build --label build="$nemsver" -t nemsprep stages/01

# Deploy and compile NEMS Linux
docker build --label build="$nemsver" -t nems_1.5 stages/02
docker build --label build="$nemsver" -t nems_$nemsver stages/02

# Prepare Image

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