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Add alsa dependency

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NEMS Linux
NEMS Linux committed Feb 24, 2019
1 parent f26c53d commit 929bcde412078b40e176a2a1e1ebe6157ecee9b8
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  1. +13 −1 build/160-rpi-raspi-config
@@ -6,7 +6,19 @@ platform=$(/usr/local/bin/nems-info platform)
if [[ $platform < 10 ]]; then
if [ ! $(dpkg-query -W -f='${Status}' raspi-config 2>/dev/null | grep -c "ok installed") -eq 1 ]; then
wget -O /tmp/raspi-config.deb
apt -y install libnewt0.52 parted triggerhappy
apt -y install libnewt0.52
apt -y install parted
apt -y install triggerhappy

# While NEMS doesn't need this, it is a dependency and required to install raspi-config
apt -y install libasound2
apt -y install libasound2-data
apt -y install libfftw3-single3
apt -y install libsamplerate0
apt -y install alsa-utils
# Fix dependencies, just in case
apt -y --fix-broken install

apt install -fy
dpkg -i /tmp/raspi-config.deb
rm -f /tmp/raspi-config.deb

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