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Key point is that NEMS' Docker Container requires systemd, but as that would pose a security risk, I have opted to instead go with docker-systemctl-replacement. I've setup an environment that should behave much like a virtual appliance.

- Run in image folder: `./compile`
- Deploy the container as daemon: `docker run --mount type=tmpfs,destination=/tmp,tmpfs-mode=1770 --restart=unless-stopped --stop-timeout 120 --name nems -d nemslinux`
- Deploy the container as daemon: `docker run --hostname nems --mount type=tmpfs,destination=/tmp,tmpfs-mode=1770 --restart=unless-stopped --stop-timeout 120 --name nemslinux -d nems15`
- Connect to the container: `docker exec -it nemslinux bash`
- Compile NEMS Linux as normal, platform 21.
- Run NEMS Linux: `docker exec -d nemslinux`
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ read -r -p "What build number is this? " buildnum
docker build --label build="$nemsver" -t nemsprep stage1

# Deploy and compile NEMS Linux
docker build --label build="$nemsver" -t nemslinux stage2
docker build --label build="$nemsver" -t nems15 stage2

# Prepare Image

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