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NEMS Linux
NEMS Linux committed Aug 27, 2018
1 parent 0e2335d commit 23423609909fbde817cc47c858db08affd34a70d
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@@ -98,13 +98,13 @@ if [[ "$ver" == "1.4" ]]; then
# NEMS 1.4 upgraded to 1.4.1 now that Raspberry Pi Zero W is fully supported
# Because NEMS 1.4.1 meant a new image (for Pi Zero W) we'll roll up all 1.4 systems
sed -i -e "s/1.4/1.4.1/g" /usr/local/share/nems/nems.conf
/bin/sed -i -e "s/1.4/1.4.1/g" /usr/local/share/nems/nems.conf
# Fix strange issue where some systems got bumped to
if grep -q "version=" /usr/local/share/nems/nems.conf; then
sed -i -e "s/" /usr/local/share/nems/nems.conf
/bin/sed -i -e "s/" /usr/local/share/nems/nems.conf
@@ -115,9 +115,9 @@ if [[ "$ver" == "1.4.1" ]]; then
# Remove NEMS00000 patch from adagios.conf. It caused problems if user renamed admin user in NConf.
if grep -q "# NEMS00000 A hacky way of disabling the admin portions of Adagios" /etc/adagios/adagios.conf; then
sed -i~ '/# NEMS00000/d' /etc/adagios/adagios.conf
sed -i~ '/enable_authorization=True/d' /etc/adagios/adagios.conf
sed -i~ '/administrators="nobodyisadmin"/d' /etc/adagios/adagios.conf
/bin/sed -i~ '/# NEMS00000/d' /etc/adagios/adagios.conf
/bin/sed -i~ '/enable_authorization=True/d' /etc/adagios/adagios.conf
/bin/sed -i~ '/administrators="nobodyisadmin"/d' /etc/adagios/adagios.conf
# Fix ownership of Nagios logs folder
@@ -189,7 +189,10 @@ check process 9590 with pidfile /run/
# Clean up log errors from early build of nems-tools
if grep -q "PHP Warning" /var/log/nems/nems-tools/warninglight; then
sed -i~ '/PHP Warning/d' /var/log/nems/nems-tools/warninglight
/bin/sed -i~ '/PHP Warning/d' /var/log/nems/nems-tools/warninglight
if grep -q "PHP Notice" /var/log/nems/nems-tools/warninglight; then
/bin/sed -i~ '/PHP Notice/d' /var/log/nems/nems-tools/warninglight
@@ -395,7 +398,7 @@ apt update
# Remove apikey if it is not set (eg., did not get a response from the server)
apikey=$(cat /usr/local/share/nems/nems.conf | grep apikey | printf '%s' $(cut -n -d '=' -f 2))
if [[ $apikey == '' ]]; then
sed -i~ '/apikey/d' /usr/local/share/nems/nems.conf
/bin/sed -i~ '/apikey/d' /usr/local/share/nems/nems.conf
# Randomize nemsadmin password if NEMS is initialized

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