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Fix missing args on SBC Temp and Inet Speed at init

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NEMS Linux
NEMS Linux committed Jan 1, 2019
1 parent 76e2fed commit 662c36c87dd52a476bbd8106f16f82afe55607ee
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@@ -214,18 +214,6 @@ mv /var/lib/NEMS-Sample /var/lib/mysql
chown -R mysql:mysql /var/lib/mysql
service mysql start

# Remove the default user info from the Sample database (NEMS 1.5+)
if (( $(awk 'BEGIN {print ("'$ver'" >= "'1.5'")}') )); then
# Import the live configs (sample data from dump)
rm /etc/nems/conf/Default_collector/advanced_services.cfg
mv /etc/nems/conf/Default_collector/advanced_services_sample.cfg /etc/nems/conf/Default_collector/advanced_services.cfg
rm /etc/nems/conf/global/service_templates.cfg
mv /etc/nems/conf/global/service_templates_sample.cfg /etc/nems/conf/global/service_templates.cfg
# Set ownership
chown -R www-data:www-data /etc/nems/conf/Default_collector
chown -R www-data:www-data /etc/nems/conf/global

# Replace the Nagios cgi.cfg file with the sample and add username
if (( $(awk 'BEGIN {print ("'$ver'" >= "'1.5'")}') )); then
cp -fr /root/nems/nems-migrator/data/1.5/nagios/etc/* /usr/local/nagios/etc/

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