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nems-init now prompts for notification email address

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NEMS Linux
NEMS Linux committed Oct 31, 2018
1 parent 98d69b3 commit d174a8175b3276c2e800f84267c45cd552d433bb
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@@ -123,6 +123,8 @@ else
echo "Please try again"
read -p "What email address should I send notifications to? " email
# In case this is a re-initialization, clear the init file (remove old login), then add this user
echo "">/var/www/htpasswd && echo $password | /usr/bin/htpasswd -B -c -i /var/www/htpasswd $username
@@ -195,7 +197,7 @@ fi
alias Nagios Admin
host_notification_options d,u,r,f,s
service_notification_options w,u,c,r,f,s
email nagios@localhost
email $email
host_notification_period 24x7
service_notification_period 24x7
host_notification_commands notify-host-by-email

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