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SMTP username doesn't have to be email address

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NEMS Linux
NEMS Linux committed Jan 16, 2019
1 parent 51f450a commit 10b9dfa247b59d23e414200b299545a110acc041
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@@ -601,7 +601,7 @@ function sanitize($string) {
<label class="label">SMTP Authentication Username (Typically an email address)</label>
<label class="input">
<i class="icon-append fa fa-envelope"></i>
<input type="email" name="smtpuser" placeholder="Email address" value="<?= $USER9 ?>">
<input type="text" name="smtpuser" placeholder="Username" value="<?= $USER9 ?>">
<b class="tooltip tooltip-bottom-right">SMTP Username</b>

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