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Helpers for JavaScript
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jsHelpers is a set of tools help you write your AJAX application in a simpler way. It focuses on reducing complexity of JavaScript code, but it has nothing to do with DOM or Array. If you want some basic library helps you with DOM manipulation and JavaScript extension, try jQuery, Prototype, Tangram, etc. jsHelpers works with these libraries but doesn't depend on any of them.

What does jsHelpers do then? I apologize for not providing more details here. You can find it in documentations. All documentations are in both Chinese and English.

The latest release is 1.0.7. In this release, all source code and unit tests are ready. It also works with Node.js and Node Package Manager.

How to use


You can refer to any script files in the build directory. Every module has both minified and non-minified versions.

<script type="text/javascript" src="build/jshelpers-min.js"></script>


You can install jsHelpers to your project via npm.

npm install jshelpers

Then you can use it in your node.js project.

const jshelpers = require('jshelpers');

How to build

If you edit the source code or documentation, you might want to rebuild them. You will need Node.js and NPM to do this.

Build code

You will need uglify-js to rebuild the code.

npm install uglify-js
node build.js

Build documentations

You will need showdown and mustache to rebuild the documentations.

npm install showdown mustache
cd doc
node build.js


See the changelog file.

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