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A web app to keep track of people's stuff in a play-by-post Pokémon forum game
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The Cave of Dragonflies ASB

Setting up for development

First of all, set up a Python 3 virtualenv. (Using a virtualenv is more or less mandatory — specifies exact versions of everything that will probably conflict with anything else.)

Also, if you want to use something other than SQLite for the database, make a copy of development.ini and change the sqlalchemy.url line accordingly.

Anyway, from this directory:

pip install --editable .
asbdb development.ini init
pserve --reload development.ini


pip install --upgrade --editable .
asbdb development.ini update

Optional packages

Other potentially-useful packages to pip install (i.e. everything that's not in but that I use in production):

  • gunicorn, for Serious Deployment instead of pserve
  • psycopg2, if you're using Postgres
  • pycrypto, if you want to use cookie-only sessions
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