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A server manager written with NodeJS
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7DTD Server manager

Public instance of CSMM


  • Server automation - run any command in any time interval you want. Timed server messages, automatic world saving, ...
  • Discord notifications - built-in for common use cases. Ability to detect specific strings for your custom purposes.
  • High ping kicker - Kick players with constant bad connection.
  • Country ban - automatically kick or ban players from certain countries from your server.
  • Player tracking - Track location and inventory of online players and view them on a map of your server.
  • Ingame commands - Playermade teleports, ingame support system, ... Custom commands to expose console commands to players in a controlled way
  • Economy system - Let players earn money by playing, killing zombies, typing on your Discord server. They can spend their cash in your servers shop, teleports and more.
  • Discord integration - Chat bridge (chat between Discord and the game), multiple commands to view player info or view server status.
  • Support ticket system - Let players create support requests ingame. Admins can view and comment on these via the website to provide quick support for players.
  • Server analytics - charts of # of online players, server FPS, RAM usage.


The commands here assume you are running a Debian based Linux distro. Installation steps for other distros or Windows will be similar but keep that in mind.


  • Node.js

  • Steam API key

    Go to the Valve API key page and register a key.

  • Discord bot account

    Go to the Discord developer page and create a new application. You must also make this application a bot account.

    Collect the following values from the page:

    • Client ID
    • Client secret
    • Bot token
  • MySQL

    Set up a user and corresponding database.

Installing and configuring the application

  1. Clone this repo to your machine.

  2. Run npm install --only=prod to install the dependencies

  3. Copy the .env.example file to .env

    Fill in the info you've gathered so far. For the DBSTRING, a special syntax is used. You should replace anything in [] with your personal database values.


    CSMM_HOSTNAME is used to generate links, CORS and other things. You should set this to the ip/domain you will access CSMM from. For example CSMM_HOSTNAME=http://localhost:1337 or CSMM_HOSTNAME=

    Redis configuration uses a similar system to the MySQL connection string REDISSTRING=redis://

  4. Put the app in production mode. This is done by setting the env variable NODE_ENV=production


Confluence contains our knowledgebase of (advanced) configuration topics.


We are happy to help you on our Discord server.


Donations are highly appreciated and help us enormously! You can make a monthly pledge on Patreon or send a one-time payment via Paypal.

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