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Recover files from Google Drive after a cryptolocker attack
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Google Drive CryptoLocker restore script


One of our colleges got hit today by the CryptoLocker virus, some of the affected files were synced to Google Drive. Thankfully Google Drive stores all versions of modified files, so an older, unencrypted version can be restored. The virus encrypted about ~1000 files on his Google Drive, so we've written a script to programmatically restore them all.

Requirements / Usage

This script can be executed via Google Apps Scripts. You have to enable those, as well as Advanced Drive Services for accessing file revisions. After that you can save the into your Google Drive using the Webinterface and just run the decryptr function. You can now take a look at your log file, if those look good enough you can switch the dry switch to false to really recover those files.

How it works

This script was designed to crawl through your whole Google drive, removing all revisions of files having .enc as file ending. Afterwards it renames the file, removing the .enc postfix from them (the filename is not getting restored when removing the revisions).

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