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@GeertvanHorrik GeertvanHorrik released this Nov 6, 2019

As part of this release we had 16 issues closed.


  • #1447 Add Catel.Data.IObjectAdapter with a Reflection and ExpressionTree implementation
  • #1437 Implement caching of boxed values in ModelBase to decrease memory footprint
  • #1421 ObservableDictionary Support


  • #1467 Update ThemeInfo theme specific resource dictionary to None
  • #1453 FileSupport => SaveFileService & OpenFileService: Bug if InitialDirectory does not exist
  • #1434 Serialization should respect graph ids when deserializing collections
  • #1408 Logging in TypeFactory uses wrong parameter name


  • #1469 Prevent first chance exceptions about DialogResult when window is not shown modal
  • #1455 Move code snippets to Catel.Templates and deploy in the Visual Studio marketplace
  • #1454 Minimize usage of PropertyHelper where possible
  • #1451 Use ObjectAdapter in ViewModelBase property mappings
  • #1441 Clean up TypeExtensions with system extensions for UAP
  • #1440 Use ObjectAdapter in ViewModelBase for property mappings
  • #1439 Consider using expression trees in ObjectAdapter
  • #1436 Decrease allocations of objects during (de)serialization
  • #1435 Decrease XmlWriterSettings allocations during serialization by caching it
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