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Made "Cormorant Infant", "Cormorant Upright", "Cormorant SC", and "Cormorant Unicase" into separate font families rather than different instances of a single "Cormorant" font family. The reason for this change is that PowerPoint and Keynote had trouble handling a font family with several "Bold" instances. For example, if you wrote a text in "Cormorant–Regular" and turned a word bold, it would change to "Cormorant–Infant Bold" rather than "Cormorant–Bold". I've also renamed the semibold weight to "Semi" to avoid having the string "bold" in more than one instance.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Cormorant, please delete your old Cormorant font files before installing the new version. Otherwise, you'll end up having both the old and the new files installed, and PowerPoint will be even more confused. ;o)

EDIT: There was a problem with the v0.2 ZIP file containing both the old and the new font files. This has been fixed. There should only be 30 font files in total.