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  • Bugfix: The consultation page did was not shown when a statute amendment was withdrawn.
  • Bugfix: After saving a proposed procedure of an amendment or motion, the selected voting block was not shown.
  • Bugfix: If an amendment was assigned to an agenda item explicitly, it still showed up for a second time at the motion in the agenda.
  • Bugfix: The REST API didn't work correctly with statute amendments
  • Bugfix: To prevent motions that cannot be saved in the backend due to special characters in the motion slug, all slugs are now strictly transliterated to latin characters.
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  • Statute amendments are now explicitly supported. They have the following characteristics:
    • Admins can create the base statutes that can be amended. This base text will not be visible regularily.
    • Statute amendments are displayed and created like normal motions. That is, they will be shown like normal motions on the home page and receive a regular prefix like "S1". Their content is using the diff view of amendments, though.
  • If PDFs are uploaded as an image in applications, they will be converted to a PNG. Until now, this did not work at all. This only works if ImageMagick is set up on the server.
  • When selecting an image for uploading in applications, only supported file types are selectable now.
  • Admins can now explicitly assign amendments (including statute amendments) to agenda items, also to agenda items different from their base motion. In this case, they appear like regular motions on the home page.
  • Admins can now see an activity log for each motion and amendment, chronologically listing all relevant events for it (supports, comments, proposed procedure changes etc.).
  • Admins can now assign motions and amendments to user accounts, e.g. when the motion was created by an admin or an anonymous user before creating an account.
  • For amendments, instead of only the condensed change view, it is now also possible to show the changes in the context of the whole motion text, by clicking on the settings icon next to each section headline.
  • Motions can now be downloaded as a PDF with all screened amendments embedded inline into the motion text.
  • When merging amendments into a motion:
    • Text entered by the admins can now optionally receive a blue color, to distinguish admin-entered text from the base motion or changes made by the amendments.
    • When merging multiple amendments affecting the same passage of a motion, the merging algorithm now tries more aggressively to merge them into the text, relying on the editing person to resolve the conflicts. Previously, it just refused to merge the second amendment and repeated the colliding amendment below the paragraph.
    • Indications about line numbers of the original motion are now shown at the side.
    • Text could be striked through, but that formatting was not saved. It now is.
  • As long as the maintenance mode is activated, admins now get an alert on the page about it being active, including a link to the page where they can deactivate it.
  • If admins create a motion or amendment in behalf of an user, no confirmation mails about the submission is sent to the user anymore (if confirmation mails are activated in the first place).
  • When official supports are collected for a motion or amendments, it is now optionally possible to support them "non-publically". That is, only logged in users can see the names of those supports.
  • In the proposed procedure, admins can set internal tags to motions and amendments in order to filter them more efficiently later on in the motion list.
  • Export to OpenSlides is now an advanced feature than can be activated in the motion list under "Functionality".
  • When notifying an user about a proposed procedure of her motion or amendment, and an editor was set as responsible in the backend and has a Reply-To-E-Mail-address set, then this address will be taken, instead of the address of the editor actually triggering the notification.
  • Improvements for consultations with more than a thousand motions / amendments:
    • An internal consultation setting "adminListFilerByMotion" can now be set in the database to separate the admin list into one list per motion.
    • The caching of motion views was improved so that it does not need to be recalculated as often anymore
    • An optional file-based view cache was introduced, configurable by setting "viewCacheFilePath" in the config.json. Its purpose is not to overload Redis with binary data.
  • For motion types, it is now possible to deactivate entering a name as proposer altogether, by selecting "No proposer" in the "From"-dropdown of the motion type settings.
  • Bugfix: for PDF-only applications, the collective PDF merging all applications could not be generated.
  • Bugfix: Uploaded GIFs could not be rendered into application PDFs if LaTeX-based PDF-rendering is used.
  • Bugfix: the "reset to original motion text" button when editing an amendment text as admin did not work.
  • Bugfix: a rare bug when sending e-mails through sendmail was fixed that could lead to broken links in the mail.
  • Bugfix: when editing an amendment that changed a headline, the change to the headline was not marked as edited text
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  • Bugfix: If a woman quota was set up in the support collection phase, the notification e-mail to the initiator about the minimum number of supporters did not take into account this quota.
  • Bugfix: A motion creation bug was fixed that happened if an organization list drop-down was set up and the "Wurzelwerk / Grünes Netz"-login was used.
  • Bugfix: When using LaTeX-based PDF-rendering for applications, the tabular data to the right part of the page looked strange when having multiple lines
  • Bugfix: If an amendment changed big parts of an intermediate headline in a motion text, the change was not correctly indicated using the red and green text colors.
  • Bugfix: Selecting multiple topics / tags for motions did not work.
  • Bugfix: When allowing multiple topics / tags, removing all tags through the admin backend did not work.
  • Bugfix: The REST API did not work if the consultation path had a dash in it, followed by a number.
  • Bugfix: A (broken) link to a resolution PDF was shown on the home page, even if no PDF was activated for this motion type.
  • Bugfix: The supporting section of motions / amendments was partially shown to admins even if it was activated for nobody.
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  • WARNING: if you are using a PHP 7.1 or older, then update to PHP 7.3 or newer first before installing this update!
  • Speaking lists for live events can now be administered.
    Participants of the event can put themselves on and remove themselves from the speaking list, and the admin can choose and indicate who to speak next on a separate administration page.
    • This is implemented as a "live" feature, which means, no reloading is necessary for either the admin or the users.
    • Speaking lists can either be linear, or use a quota system, e.g. to enable alternating between women and other/open speaking lists.
    • Users can see the current speaker and the waiting list both on the home page (more detailed) and on motion/amendment pages (as a more subtle footer).
    • Admins can add people to the waiting list themselves, and reorder the waiting lists using drag&drop
    • Admins can choose if a qualified login is necessary for users to add themselves on the speaking lists or not.
    • The speaking lists can also be used as a stand-alone-feature, without the need of having motions, amendments or an agenda.
  • The wizard for creating new sites and consultations now also offers to create PDF/Text-based applications and speaking lists.
  • A new motion section type is implemented: Video Embeds. Using it, users can add links to Videos, for example to support their candidature. If it's a video hosted on Vimeo, Youtube or Facebook, it will be embedded into the application, otherwise a link is shown.
  • The pink deadline circle on the consultation is now also shown if multiple motion types with the same deadline exist.
  • First, small beginnings of a REST API are implemented, currently with read-only access. It can be enabled in the site component settings. The documentation can be found at docs/openapi.yaml
  • Tabular data sections now skip empty fields when displaying them.
  • Some texts can now be changed per motion type, to change the wording depending on context. For example, in the "Create a motion" form, instead of the default "Motion or amendment?" text, there can be different explanations for different motion or application types.
  • Applications / Candidatures are now only shown in two-column mode until the first embedded PDF or Video appears. It then switches into single-column-layout to make the PDF/video better readable/watchable.
  • The URL slug of a motion can now be changed on the admin page.
  • Applications (or other motion types with images) now receive a og:image tag for better image detection when sharing the applications.
  • Bugfix: If e-mail-notifcations about published motions for the initiating users are set up, but the submission form does not explicitly ask for an e-mail-address, no e-mail was sent. Now, it is sent to the e-mail-address of the user account.
  • Bugfix: If an user has previously put her e-mail-address on the e-mail-blocklist, then saving the account settings lead to an error message.
  • Bugfix: if the link to a proposed procedure was forwarded, only the proposed status and the accept button was shown, not the modified text of an amendment.
  • Internal: the login system now supports plugins for retrieving user accounts from external sources, e.g. CMS systems with an existing user database. As an example, a integration into Drupal/CiviCRM can be found in the plugins/drupal_civicrm-folder.
  • Internal: Plugins can now provide custom amendment numberings and add extra settings and data fields for amendments and motions.
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  • Compatibility with PHP 8 / Composer 2.
  • Warning: This will be the last release compatible with PHP 7.1. Future releases will require at least PHP 7.2
  • Bugfix: Merging amendments into a motion failed if previously an amendment for that motion was deleted that had a modified version.
  • Bugfix: When deleting an amendment after adding it to a proposed procedure's voting block, it remained visible within the proposed procedure.
  • Resuming a previously saved draft when merging amendments into an motion could fail if in the meantime an amendment has been hadded.
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  • Motion types that do not have a text part, for example PDF-uploaded applications or financial reports, can now also have comments, if the permission is set accordingly in the motion type settings.
  • SVG images can now be uploaded as logo.
  • Some browser warnings regarding cookie settings are resolved.
  • TLS-encryption can be set for sending e-mails through SMTP
  • Bugfix: LaTeX-based PDF rendering sometime failed or gave wrong line numbering in nested lists.
  • Motions embedded into an agenda are now shown, even if they are replaced by a resolution above.
  • Bugfix: if a resolution was replaced by a new version of that resolution, but that new version was deleted, the original resolution was still not shown on the home page anymore.
  • Bugfix: The box shadow could not be deactivated when customising the layout.
  • Updates to core libraries.
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  • Several minor accessibility and performance improvements.
  • If supporting a motion or amendment is allowed after publication, then the deadline for supporting it is now not affected anymore by the deadline for the submission.
  • Updates to core libraries (Yii and jQuery).
  • Bugfix: A bug that lead to unchanged text before changed text being shown as deleted and inserted again was fixed.
  • Bugfix: When creating a new amendment based on an existing one as admin while the settings "Amendments may only change one paragraph" was set, the pre-defined changes taken over from the existing amendment were not properly editable.
  • Bugfix: motions of the status "Draft (admin)" could be accessed using a known direct link.
  • Bugfix: wrong time transformation when using the english version.
  • Bugfix: When showing the diff view of amendments changing the text within list items, some words could get lost.
  • Bugfix: If amendment codes didn't have numbers, this could break the screening process.
  • Bugfix: Resetting the custom color theme to default values took the color values from before the accessibility-related design changes.
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  • Numbered lists are now supported. This includes different list item styles (like (1), 1., a., A.), manually setting the list item number for each list item (e.g. to skip numbers) and also using non-standard list numbers like "15b" (e.g. for laws where paragraphs have been inserted afterwards). This enables discussions and amendments for statutes and laws.
  • Several improvements were made to increase the accessibility of Antragsgrün:
    • Better navigation with screenreader
    • Easier navigation using the keyboard
    • Better contrasts
    • Generally, Antragsgrün aims to comply with the WCAG 2.0 AA rules
  • It is now easier to edit the agenda of a consultation, as the changes are immediatelly saved and it is not necessary anymore to explicitly use the Save-Button at the bottom of the agenda.
  • If a new amendment is screened / published while a new version of the motion is being created (by merging other amendments into it), this new amendment will automatically appear in the merging view. A small hint will appear, notifiying about this addition, and with a link to the first paragraph affected by this amendment. The new amendment is inactive, by default, and needs to be actively activated for merging into the affected paragraph. Vice-versa, if an amendment is unpublished while merging, the amendment hint vanishes automatically. Already applied changes remain, though.
  • Users can now support motions and amendments in all phases, if this is set up.
  • There is now an option to include the name of an amendment submitter to the bookmarks shown to the right of the motion text. As this has the danger of looking awkward once the names are getting too long, this is not activated by default.
  • If an amendment affects only one specific line of a motion paragraph, one line before and after the affected one are now also shown in the amendment (confirmation) view, to give more context when reading it.
  • If a motion or amendment is submitted as an organisation, the confirmation page now also shows the contact person.
  • Regarding proposed procedures:
    • If proposed procedures are used, it is now possible for the admin of a consultation to set a default Reply-To e-mail-address for each motion committee member.
    • The e-mail about a proposed procedure to the initiator of a motion now contains a link that can be forwarded to other people. These users can see the proposed procedure, too, and agree to them.
    • Bugfix: when a motion was replaced by another one, the assignment was not saved properly.
  • If a motion is moved to another agenda item or consultation and a reference stays at the old place, then there now also is a reference from the new place to the original place to indicate where this motion originally came from.
  • There is a new function to embed a translation button to motion, amendment and consultation pages. To enable it, go to Settings -> Appearance page and activate the Translation component. You can choose either Google or Bing. This will show a button at the top right of a motion/amendment that allows visitors of this site to translate this page using the specified service.
  • Technical change: Internally, some first components start to use the Vue.JS library.
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  • Bugfix: When editing an amendment as admin, the date picker was missing for the resolution date of the initiator organisation.
  • Bugfix: When changing a motion text, the PDF was not regenerated in some cases.
  • Bugfix: When using PHP-based PDF-rendering and alternative PDFs for motions, the heading of this section ("Alternative PDF") was appended to the previous page.
  • Bugfix: When setting up alternative PDFs optionally, and then not uploading one for a motion, then the regular PDF was not generated for this motion.
  • Bugfix: Writing paragraph-based comments were broken when the motion view was statically cached.
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  • The paragraph-based editing mode for merging amendments into motion, introduced in version 4.3.0, was visually improved to closer resemble the regular motion view, with the amendment toggles to the right of each paragraph. This improves the legibility of the motion text.
  • The appearance settings of a site are now moved to a separate page.
  • There is a new consultation home page layout, targeted towards idea-collecting set-ups. The most recent comments are shown at the top, with a short abstract of the comment, to stress the discussion aspect. Below, the list of motions / ideas is shown, with a list of tags / topics, handlers to sort the motions by different criteria and filter them by tags / topics. The new layout can be set up on the "Appearance"-page.
  • The agenda of a consultation can now have date separators, and the individual agenda items can have explicit times.
  • Images can now have a maximum size for the PDF version. Signatures in applications, for example, now have a maximum size of 5x3cm.
  • If an image or a PDF in a motion or application is optional, it is now possible to delete an already uploaded one without uploading a replacement.
  • For PDF-based applications, the mostly empty cover page in front of the generated PDF is removed; the generated PDF is now exactly identical to the uploaded one.
  • The change mentioned above also allows attaching a pre-layouted PDF-version of a motion, replacing the automatically generated PDF.
  • If final resolutions are shown on the home page, preliminary resolutions replaced by final ones are now not shown anymore.
  • If there is a supporting phase for submitting new motions or amendments, it is now possible to publish a page listing all motions and amendments currently looking for supporters. This page is disabled by default and can be activated in the Appearcance settings. It will be linked to at the sidebar of the consultation home page.
  • Notification e-mails now use a very simple responsive e-mail template.
  • Mailgun and Mandrill are not supported anymore, for now.
  • The social sharing buttons in the motion and amendment views were removed, as they were practically never used and visually unpleasing.
  • It is now possible to deactivate the breadcrumb links in the appearance settings.
  • Agenda items, including their motions, can be hidden from the proposed procedure.
  • When creating a resolution using the "merge amendments"-functionality, there is now a "remove text"-checkbox above the motion reason to exclude the reason from the final resolution more easily.
  • If there is a global password set for a consultation and it is still possible to log in as an user (e.g. as admin), the e-mail-based login form is now a bit more hidden, as the focus will be on the global password for most regular users.
  • Bugfix: if a motion section was empty (e.g. a motion that did not have a reason), that section could not be edited when merging amendments.
  • Bugfix: too long motion titles are now breaking the layout and some functionality less than before.
  • When entering a organisation name when creating a motion/amendment, using brackets at the end of the name was not possible.