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@CatoTH CatoTH released this 10 Mar 21:39
· 157 commits to v3 since this release
  • Proposed procedures for motions and amendments
    • Administrators of a consultation can now manage the proposed procedure of a motion / amendment. This includes setting a proposed status, a modified version of the amendment text.
    • The proposer of the motion / amendment can be notified about this proposal and optionally agree to this proposal.
    • Motions and amendments can be grouped into voting blocks to indicate which ones are mutually exclusive in case of a voting.
    • The proposed procedure and the voting blocks are optionally published on a separate page.
  • After replacing a motion by a new version, e.g. by merging amendments, there is now a view comparing both versions of the motions. That way, it is much easier to see what has actually changed.
  • Amendments to the title of a motion are now shown like changes to the text, using bookmarks at the right side of the motion.
  • Support for OpenSlides 1 is removed, only 2.1+ is supported.
  • This public draft of a in-progress amendment merging progress can now be displayed in full-screen mode.
  • Antragsgrün is now compatible with PHP 7.2
  • Mailjet is now supported as E-Mail Service
  • It's now possible to link to published motions and amendments by their prefix, using URL-schemes like /consultation/motionPrefix, /consultation/motionPrefix/amendmentPrefix or (possibly ambiguous) /consultation/amendmentPrefix
  • Updates to several core libraries
  • Bugfix: A bug in the line numbering after manual line breaks was fixed.
  • Bugfix: A multi-page PDF that was uploaded as part of a application and then exported as PDF again, collided with the tabular data of the application.
  • Bugfix: When it's allowed to select multiple tags when creating a motion, the tag selection required to select all tags at once.
  • Bugfix: The "Create a motion"-Button in the agenda did not work if the user was not logged in and creating a motion required being logged in.
  • Bugfix: When downloading the PDF-collection of motions / amendments, the file extension was sometimes lost.
  • Bugfix: When merging amendments into a motion that already had "NEU" / "NEW" in the prefix, the program could crash due to inconsistent handling of upper-/lowercase
  • Bugfix: The Open Document generation is now a bit more tolerant towards unsupported HTML tags
  • Bugfix: When an admin created an user account in the backend, sending e-mails to that user did not work.
  • Internal: Refactoring of the layout hooks, allowing more site-specific custom codes.