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  • The paragraph-based editing mode for merging amendments into motion, introduced in version 4.3.0, was visually improved to closer resemble the regular motion view, with the amendment toggles to the right of each paragraph. This improves the legibility of the motion text.
  • The appearance settings of a site are now moved to a separate page.
  • There is a new consultation home page layout, targeted towards idea-collecting set-ups. The most recent comments are shown at the top, with a short abstract of the comment, to stress the discussion aspect. Below, the list of motions / ideas is shown, with a list of tags / topics, handlers to sort the motions by different criteria and filter them by tags / topics. The new layout can be set up on the "Appearance"-page.
  • The agenda of a consultation can now have date separators, and the individual agenda items can have explicit times.
  • Images can now have a maximum size for the PDF version. Signatures in applications, for example, now have a maximum size of 5x3cm.
  • If an image or a PDF in a motion or application is optional, it is now possible to delete an already uploaded one without uploading a replacement.
  • For PDF-based applications, the mostly empty cover page in front of the generated PDF is removed; the generated PDF is now exactly identical to the uploaded one.
  • The change mentioned above also allows attaching a pre-layouted PDF-version of a motion, replacing the automatically generated PDF.
  • If final resolutions are shown on the home page, preliminary resolutions replaced by final ones are now not shown anymore.
  • If there is a supporting phase for submitting new motions or amendments, it is now possible to publish a page listing all motions and amendments currently looking for supporters. This page is disabled by default and can be activated in the Appearcance settings. It will be linked to at the sidebar of the consultation home page.
  • Notification e-mails now use a very simple responsive e-mail template.
  • Mailgun and Mandrill are not supported anymore, for now.
  • The social sharing buttons in the motion and amendment views were removed, as they were practically never used and visually unpleasing.
  • It is now possible to deactivate the breadcrumb links in the appearance settings.
  • Agenda items, including their motions, can be hidden from the proposed procedure.
  • When creating a resolution using the "merge amendments"-functionality, there is now a "remove text"-checkbox above the motion reason to exclude the reason from the final resolution more easily.
  • If there is a global password set for a consultation and it is still possible to log in as an user (e.g. as admin), the e-mail-based login form is now a bit more hidden, as the focus will be on the global password for most regular users.
  • Bugfix: if a motion section was empty (e.g. a motion that did not have a reason), that section could not be edited when merging amendments.
  • Bugfix: too long motion titles are now breaking the layout and some functionality less than before.
  • When entering a organisation name when creating a motion/amendment, using brackets at the end of the name was not possible.