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@CatoTH CatoTH released this 13 Feb 18:01
· 1519 commits to main since this release
  • WARNING: if you are using a PHP 7.1 or older, then update to PHP 7.3 or newer first before installing this update!
  • Speaking lists for live events can now be administered.
    Participants of the event can put themselves on and remove themselves from the speaking list, and the admin can choose and indicate who to speak next on a separate administration page.
    • This is implemented as a "live" feature, which means, no reloading is necessary for either the admin or the users.
    • Speaking lists can either be linear, or use a quota system, e.g. to enable alternating between women and other/open speaking lists.
    • Users can see the current speaker and the waiting list both on the home page (more detailed) and on motion/amendment pages (as a more subtle footer).
    • Admins can add people to the waiting list themselves, and reorder the waiting lists using drag&drop
    • Admins can choose if a qualified login is necessary for users to add themselves on the speaking lists or not.
    • The speaking lists can also be used as a stand-alone-feature, without the need of having motions, amendments or an agenda.
  • The wizard for creating new sites and consultations now also offers to create PDF/Text-based applications and speaking lists.
  • A new motion section type is implemented: Video Embeds. Using it, users can add links to Videos, for example to support their candidature. If it's a video hosted on Vimeo, Youtube or Facebook, it will be embedded into the application, otherwise a link is shown.
  • The pink deadline circle on the consultation is now also shown if multiple motion types with the same deadline exist.
  • First, small beginnings of a REST API are implemented, currently with read-only access. It can be enabled in the site component settings. The documentation can be found at docs/openapi.yaml
  • Tabular data sections now skip empty fields when displaying them.
  • Some texts can now be changed per motion type, to change the wording depending on context. For example, in the "Create a motion" form, instead of the default "Motion or amendment?" text, there can be different explanations for different motion or application types.
  • Applications / Candidatures are now only shown in two-column mode until the first embedded PDF or Video appears. It then switches into single-column-layout to make the PDF/video better readable/watchable.
  • The URL slug of a motion can now be changed on the admin page.
  • Applications (or other motion types with images) now receive a og:image tag for better image detection when sharing the applications.
  • Bugfix: If e-mail-notifcations about published motions for the initiating users are set up, but the submission form does not explicitly ask for an e-mail-address, no e-mail was sent. Now, it is sent to the e-mail-address of the user account.
  • Bugfix: If an user has previously put her e-mail-address on the e-mail-blocklist, then saving the account settings lead to an error message.
  • Bugfix: if the link to a proposed procedure was forwarded, only the proposed status and the accept button was shown, not the modified text of an amendment.
  • Internal: the login system now supports plugins for retrieving user accounts from external sources, e.g. CMS systems with an existing user database. As an example, a integration into Drupal/CiviCRM can be found in the plugins/drupal_civicrm-folder.
  • Internal: Plugins can now provide custom amendment numberings and add extra settings and data fields for amendments and motions.