Writing programs on an Android device without prior knowledge.
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Catroid, also known as Pocket Code, is an on-device visual programming system for Android devices.

Catrobat is a visual programming language and a set of creativity tools for smartphones, tablets, and mobile browsers. Catrobat programs can be written by using the Catroid programming system on Android phones and tablets.

For more information [oriented towards developers], check out our developers page.


For reporting issues use our JIRA Bugtracking System. Before, please browse our currently open issues here.


If you want to contribute we suggest that you start with forking our repository and browse the code. Then you can look at our Issue-Tracker and start with fixing one ticket. We strictly use Test-Driven Development and Clean Code, so first read everything you can about these development methods. Code developed in a different style will not be accepted. After you've created a pull request we will review your code and do a full testrun on your branch.

If you want to implement a new feature, please ask about the details on http://catrob.at/mailinglist

Start setting up the working environment by following the instructions: https://github.com/Catrobat/Catroid/wiki/Setup-working-environment

Also make sure to read our guidelines for creating a pull request

Resources and links


License of our project (mainly AGPL v3).